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All of our competition grade weaves are constructed of heavy flat steel, with Schedule 40 PVC poles.  Our standard set of 6 poles is constructed with a hand made heavy-duty hinge in the middle to make it easier to move around and store.  As with all of our equipment, the hinges are guaranteed for life against breaking.  The fabricated steel is then sandblasted and powder coated in any color you desire.  When selecting a color for your weaves, look for one on the color chart that is called "Fine Texture".  These coatings provide a very fine anti-slip texture on the bases.


The feet can either be welded permanently to the center section in an offset pattern to meet all agility venue regulations, or they can be bolted to the center section to allow the feet to swivel inline with the center section for easier storage (not legal for use in trials).  In addition, we can build weaves with offset feet that are also able to swivel in line with the base, which are legal for use in trials and are easier to hang up in a trailer for transport.   


Our finished competition weave pole sets come with Schedule 40 PVC poles, 40" tall, with vinyl taping in a corresponding color to the base.  Please specify the pole spacing that you desire (20", 21", 22", or 24").  Since NADAC no longer allows weaves to be staked to the ground in their trials, we offer a set of NADAC weaves that are made of heavier steel so they stay put better, and come with 42" poles instead of 40".



We drill holes down through the base at each of the pins that hold the poles so that a large nail can be driven down through the pin for staking the poles in place if necessary (nails not included).  Once the nail is driven into the ground, the pole fits over the nail and pin completely hiding the nail.  There is also a nail hole drilled into each of the feet.




We can custom build any other kind of weave pole configuration that you may be looking for, just let us know your needs and we will quote you on that specifically.  We can also build a coupler to connect two sets together if desired, although it is rarely necessary.  



If you are interested in a set of channel weaves, please see a description and prices on our Practice Weaves page. 






If you are interested in our 2 x 2 style weaves, please see a description and prices on our Practice Weaves page. 


We offer our competition weave pole sets either unfinished or powder coated.  If you are handy with a can of spray paint you can save $$ by purchasing your weaves unfinished and painting them yourself.


Our competition grade weave pole prices are as follows:


Unpainted set of 6 weave poles with offset welded feet $95
Powder coated set of 6 weave poles with offset welded feet $130
Unpainted set of 6 NADAC style weaves (heavier steel and 42" poles) $105
Powder coated set of 6 NADAC style weaves (heavier steel and 42" poles) $140
Add offset swivel feet (for any set of 6 poles) $20


To see our powder coating colors please go to our Colors page.

For delivery rates please see our Delivery page.