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Circle S offers Do-It-Yourself rubber surfacing kits so you can apply rubber surfacing to your existing equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying ready made skins.  These kits come complete with all the materials you need to install a super high quality rubber surface to your contact equipment, all you supply are the tools and labor but will save several hundred dollars versus buying a ready made skin.  When these kits are applied in accordance with the included detailed instructions and after curing, the surface will be stuck for life unlike glued on ready made skins which always seem to come loose over time no matter what kind of glue you use to apply them.


I have developed a method for applying the rubber where there is virtually NO flaking off of the rubber like there has been in the past.  The method is not the 'wet pour' method that makes a 'skin' that can be glued to your obstacle, and it is not the sprinkle method where you sprinkle dry rubber granules into wet binder.  This method was developed by me together with the rubber and binder manufacturers and contractors who install the rubber on playgrounds and running tracks every day.  The surfacing comes out extremely neat and even as you can see from the pictures below, provides superior traction to sand texture, and is far more forgiving to the dog's feet than sand.  Once the surfacing has cured it is virtually impossible to get off.  If you order a kit for slatted equipment, the instructions cover how to form the slats entirely out of rubber like the pictures shown below, and also how to go over existing slats. 


Be aware that rubber will add weight to your obstacle though, it will add approximately 45 pounds total to an A-frame, approximately 30 pounds to a dog walk, approximately 10 pounds to a teeter, and approximately 7 pounds to a table.




The Do-It-Yourself kits include plenty of rubber material in the colors of your choice, binder (adhesive), disposable gloves, and complete instructions for application using my method.  If you can use a paint roller and a trowel then you can apply this, it is not hard to do but does take time so just follow the instructions and don't get in a hurry and you will be fine and your equipment will be beautiful.  In a nutshell, the application process requires mixing the dry granules with binder at a set ratio explained in the instructions, and then the product is applied to the obstacle with a trowel.


You may find rubber kits elsewhere that are a little cheaper, but be aware that my kits contain 2-3 times more rubber than others, and with my kits you will get very detailed instructions for installing using my method that produces a surface far superior to other methods.  The pictures above are of actual surfaces using my application method.  If applied correctly using my detailed application instructions and after fully curing, the rubber surface will be virtually impossible to get off.  The kits for slatted a-frames and slatted dog walks contain extra rubber to either make new slats from rubber or cover existing slats, and the instructions explain how to do slats both ways.


Colors that I usually keep in stock are standard blue, purple, bright green, bright red, azure, and bright yellow, however I have access to 20 different colors so if there is another color that you are interested in email me and I will give you a quote if I can get it.


Do-it-yourself Rubber Surfacing Kit


I stock only TPV (thermoplastic vulcanizate) granules which have superior UV resistance when compared to standard EPDM rubber granules.  Colors that I generally keep in stock as well as additional colors that are available are shown below (exact colors may be slightly different than displayed on individual computer screens).


Colors that I generally keep in stock are:




I may or may not have small amounts of other colors at any given time due to left over from special orders, and can usually get any of the other colors but they are special order and will take longer and could cost more depending on the color.  Be aware that I can only get colors that are in stock with my supplier so even though all colors are shown below, I am not always able to get all of these colors if they are out of stock on a color.  I can also mix any colors together to get a custom color if you prefer.




Standard do-it-yourself kit prices are:

(Shipping and Handling are not included in the prices below.  I ship all rubber kits using US Mail Flat Rate Boxes as this is the most economical shipping method; FedEx and UPS are much more expensive due to the weight of the rubber.  Approximate shipping prices are $16.00 for a teeter or table kit, $37.00 - $42 for a dog walk kit, $59.00 - $63 for an a-frame kit, and $126 for a combo kit; and I can combine shipping on several kits shipped together so the total shipping could be less than the individual shipping prices for several kits shipped together)

Equipment PayPal Price Cash or Check Price
Do-it-yourself rubber kit for 3'x9' A-frame (non-slatted) $325 $310
Do-it-yourself rubber kit for 3'x9' A-frame (slatted) $373 $355
Do-it-yourself rubber kit for dog walk with 1'x12' ramps and center section (non-slatted) $236 $225
Do-it-yourself rubber kit for dog walk with 1'x12' ramps and center section (slatted) $262 $250
Do-it-yourself rubber kit for teeter with 1'x12' plank $79 $75
Do-it-yourself rubber kit for 3'x3' table $63 $60
Combination do-it-yourself rubber kit for a full set of non-slatted equipment (one non-slatted A-frame, one non-slatted dog walk, one teeter, and one table) $683 $650
Combination do-it-yourself rubber kit for a full set of slatted equipment (one slatted A-frame, one slatted dog walk, one teeter, and one table) $760 $725

To order please send an email to indicating which kit(s) you are interested in, colors you desire, whether the equipment will have AKC (42") or USDAA (36") contact zones on it, your preferred method of payment, and your contact info including phone number. 

I answer emails daily so if you haven't heard back from me within 24 hours check your spam or junk mail, or try and call, because something likely got crossed up.

I will then send you a complete quote including shipping for your review before invoicing.  I have the ability to accept either paper or electronic checks through my QuickBooks payment service, or a credit card through PayPal.  There is an additional fee for credit card payments though, due to the fees that they charge me as shown above. 

In addition to the above kits I can also supply custom sized kits for equipment of different sizes, email me for quotes.