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How to Order Dog Agility Equipment

Our competition grade equipment is designed to stand up to the rigors of heavy training and/or trialing, and built primarily for trainers that conduct classes with multiple students and dogs, or agility clubs that will be using their equipment for training and/or trialing throughout the year.


All of our equipment is constructed to the specifications of the sanctioning organization you choose, AKC, USDAA, NADAC, or other.


We offer our competition grade equipment either unfinished or completely finished and ready for use, or at any stage in between.  For any of our finished equipment, the steel frames are powder coated and the Dibond aluminum/plastic composite skins are painted with a premium exterior flat paint and textured with your choice of either sand or rubber, in pretty much any color combination you desire. 


For more information about the individual pieces of competition grade equipment we build and for prices, click on any of the links on the left.  We do our best to keep the website prices up to date but need to mention that all prices shown are subject to change based on our raw material prices.


Every piece of dog agility equipment we sell is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for 10 years*.  If something breaks, you just have to get it back to us and we will fix it for free, that's our guarantee to you.

* Warranty does not include degradation to wood, poly metal, or paint due to normal wear and tear.  Warranty includes parts and labor for equipment built by Circle S Agility that has been used for the purpose it was intended, and does not include shipping and handling or delivery.