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(updated 5/2/2024)

I am building very little contact equipment right now.  For a while there I was so busy building equipment that I didn't have a life any more and I never want to get back to that again!  I am retired and I really don't want a full time job again.  But if you are local to CO or are willing to come and pick it up, I may be able to help you out if you are looking for an a-frame, dog walk, or teeter.   Give me a call or shoot me an email if you have an inquiry about contact equipment.

I am building PVC jumps, weave poles, and selling the DIY rubber surfacing kits though so if you are interested in any of those just give me a shout, you can either email or call.

Thank you for your continued business and I hope to be able to help you out in the future.

Gary Shipley

Circle S Agility